Sherry is one of 6 kittens found abandoned in Madrid´s outskirts without a mother. They were immediately separated in 2 groups and taken care by 2 different people. Our friend Maria who lives in Spain bottle fed him and his 2 siblings Maddox and Addy. We think she´s done a fantastic job! and she brought them up not only healthy but also with a lot of love and care so this 3 babies are very people oriented, fearless and very, very cuddly.
After they were old enough and had all the proper vaccinations I went visit them first and then went back to pick them up in Madrid and now they made their trip to The Netherlands.
They love jumping around and playing and they would be a great addition to any family.
Sherry is a very girly girl who loves good food and good fun. She loves playing and jumping and no toy stands a chance against my pouncing skills. She´s very beautiful and she will have a stunning semi long shinny coat. She loves everyone and everything, but soft blankets and toy mice are her most favourite things. Sherry is a great cuddle buddy and loves long playing sessions. If you think you are a match please fill in the adoption form and come meet her!
Updated info: 27/11/2019 Sherry is moving out to Amsterdam were she´s going to be the spoiled (that she´s always been…) queen of the house. Happy adoption day piccolina!


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