This tiny boy is one of 6 kittens found abandoned in Madrid´s outskirts without a mother. They were immediately separated in 2 groups and taken care by 2 different people. Our friend Maria (who lives in Spain) bottle fed him and his 2 siblings Maddox and Sherry. We think she´s done a fantastic job! and she brought them up not only healthy but also with a lot of love and care so this 3 babies are very people oriented, fearless and very, very cuddly.
After they were old enough and we gave all the proper vaccinations I went visit them first and then went back to pick them up in Madrid and now they made their trip to The Netherlands.
Addy is a small boy with a big heart and he´s also a really smart guy. He loves cuddles and also playing, he´s a little fearless monkey that will always have your back. He has the sweetest and the biggest eyes in town and will be a great addition to any family.
We are looking for a forever home with his sister Sherry preferentially or a home where there´s already a friendly pet.
If you want to come meet this cutie please fill in the application in our “get involved” section


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