Oh my triplets!

These little girls have bee such a blessing. Like you already know if you’ve been following our rescues, I always surf online trying to discover animals being handled and sold by traders, mills, animals with medical issues or kept in hoarding situation. Well, Lulu, Mia and Olivia were no different. I saw some pictures advertised in a dutch trading goods website of some kittens in pretty bad shape. As we couldn’t find a car fast enough to take us there, our friend Monica (adopter of @dexandthom) offered to pick them up!. She drove all the way to Dalfsen and found an animal trader that kept this kittens with several caged animals inside a simple, small and crowded wooden shed. There was a bucket filled with kittens and because we couldn’t bring them all she took 3 females (the ones I pointed that in the picture looked the worst). 

All of them were emaciated, skinny I could feel their ribs and extremely tiny. They were around 3 weeks old and Lulu (as you can see in the picture) was significantly smaller than the other 2. Little Lulu is a micro mini kitten and a little ray of sunshine, but let me tell you there is nothing micro or little about her personality and her strength. She fought for her life like a warrior and even her sisters needed support to eat being bigger, she was the fast learner that never took the bottle. Every day I went in her room to check on her, feed them and clean them I was always worried that Lulu will not wake up and to my surprise she was always the first wide awake waiting for her canned food. Now It´s been 1 month and a week since the girls made it home to us and I couldn’t be more proud of them, they are the most adorable little creatures on earth! They love being cuddled and pampered, spoiled and tickled, and there’s never enough treats for them! Lulu is still pretty tiny for her age but she made the weight to haver her first vaccine just like her sisters! They are and will always be a blessing and I’m proud to have raised them up. Can’t wait to see what future holds for these amazing furry balls!.


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