We are Celeste and Nic, two travellers and cat lovers who rescue street cats and kittens wherever we land. We make them vet check ready and fly them with us back home with the objective that once the kittens are rehabilitated and adoptable we can relocate them in The Netherlands.

I (Celeste) relocated 183 kittens in Argentina during 2010-2013 and now we have 100+ cats and kittens rescued from Argentina, the U.S. , Greece, United Arab Emirates and Spain currently living in Holland.

The kittens we rescue in The Netherlands mostly come from animal hoarder homes, unsafe/unsanitary living conditions and irresponsible animal breeders, Instead the kittens we save abroad come from very poor areas like favelas, roads and highways, inside car engines, dog fighting rings or thrown in the trash (unfortunately because of this we deal with a lot of traumatised, ill and abused kittens).

Some of the areas we scout are as unsafe for the animals as they are for us and as we go we encountered numerous “unhappy to see us” neighbours who claimed that killing/poisoning the cats is the fastest and cheapest way of controlling the animal population, so our goal is first to educate and advocate for those who can not speak and then to rescue. Fortunately we also encounter a lot of people who want to help and learn about what we do, how they can contribute to the cause and how to properly control the animal population in a humane way. These people are incredibly valuable for us because they will become our eyes in different countries and it´s because of them and the team effort that we are able to help dozens of cats and kittens every year.

It´s clear that we rescue because it makes us happy and because we love to see them blossom but what really kept us going through time is knowing that there´s always a perfect match out there for all our kittens willing to give them an incredible new start and a forever home.

If you want to apply to adopt one of our kittens don´t hesitate and fill in the adoption form in the “get involved” section and come meet our furry beautiful babies!
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