Kaya had a rough start. She comes with 3 other siblings from a Dutch farm were they were living in a very unhealthy place. People were not the best to her but that didn´t affect her playful and loving personality. Both sisters Koko and Kaya are looking for a home together because they rely on each other and they are strongly bonded. Kaya is the extrovert and will play with everyone and everything while Koko will also play withe everything but with people she knows or approach her softly. They are both very sweet and they deserve a great loving home. Since they are with us they´ve warmed up to everyone that came to our home and met them, Kaya loves to purr and loves to follow you around the house. Koko loves Kaya and will follow her everywhere which means that if Kaya follows you, Koko will as well 🙂
If you want to give them a home to these wonderful kittens please contact us of fill in the application form in the ” get involved” section.


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