Sky and Sia are siblings who were born in the back garden of a randome home. They were brought inside a very tiny house but the owner of the property didn´t want them so they joined us and now they are looking for a home together. These brother and sister are the perfect partners in crime, they are sweet and funny to watch while they play and jump around the house. They used to be scared of people but now they play with everything and everyone.
Sky has an umbilical hernia (this  is caused by the incomplete closure of the umbilical ring after birth or when the umbilical cord falls too early and can´t close properly) so we will assess when it´s the best time to correct this in the next couple of days. Umbilical hernias aren´t painful and have 100% chance of recovery (as most the times it heals on it´s own before the 4th moth); And if not when the kitten is castrated it can be easily and painlessly corrected in the same procedure.


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