Kumo (deaf)

Kumo is probably the sweetest kitten we rescued in 2022. He’s deaf but that doesn’t slow him down at all. Kumo loves cats, dogs and he’s the biggest cuddle bug you’ll ever meet. He likes to have his belly rubbed and will give you nose kisses in return. He’s a hugger and an expert fly hunter who’s always looking to make you laugh.

We rescued him because of his disability from an irresponsible Maine Coon Cattery that was breeding with deaf cats and after a lot of health checks we got him ready to look for his forever home.

Kumo needs a home with other pets because he loves the company and he’s extremely friendly. If you think you are his forever home send us an email.

Updated info: 26/9/22 Kumo moved out to his forever house with the best couple who will give him, not only a wonderful home, but who will also spoil him rotten and will give him all the unconditional love and care he always deserved. To say that this mended our hearts would be un understatement; We wanted to do right by him (because he’s such an amazing and special cat) and we are confident to say there’s no one better out there for him than Esther and her husband. We wish you all nothing less than all the happiness in the world.


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