Ozzy and Baileys are 2 little brothers we discovered being sold (on a trading goods Dutch website) underage and confined to a rusted guinea pig wire cage in unsanitary conditions, stepping on their stools. I could tell from the pictures they were sick looking and luckily for them Yonca and Jonathan offered to pick them up so they drove +2 hours into “farm land” and now they are safe with us.
These kittens even though they´ve been through so much, they are super cuddly and playful and they purr the second they see you. Both also super social.
Updated info: 22/12/2019 Baileys and brother Ozzy left to their forever home with Suzette and they´ll be leaving in Utrecht. It´s hard to let go of such amazing kittens after all we´ve been through together but we can´t be any happier for them as they are going to be living their best life´s together with a wonderful hooman to boss around ; ) . We wish they all the love in the world!


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