Fluffy ball of love Talie is one of our farm kitten rescues. This beauty is super sweet, very social, loves people, loves to play with the wang and strings and like every kitten here she loves all her toys. Talie purrs the second you pet her and she would be a great new family member to any home.
She is ready to move to her new house any time now as she has been fully vaccinated (until November 2020) and she has also been chipped (dewormed program as well completed). Talie is a very playful kitten, very well mannered and she´s also wonderful lapcat.
Updated info: 29/11/2019 Talie was adopted and moved to Haarlem to her forever home with Laura and Imo and she took Mia with her! We can´t be any more excited for all of them to start a new life together!


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