Opal was an abandoned cat, when we found him in the streets he was already castrated and he was so friendly to people that it clearly showed he had had a home once. During the pandemic we saw a lot of cats being adopted in Spain but once people went back to work we also saw a ridiculous number of cats being abandoned. Opal unfortunately was one of many. He was found with our other rescue “Noche” and they wondered the streets together, having each other’s back. Because we saw these 2 cats begging for love to strangers we knew we couldn’t leave them behind so we took them both to a foster home and after finishing medical check ups and export paperwork we brought Opal to The Netherlands were he already found an amazing couple who wanted to adopt him.

Opal is such a grateful cat, 7 days ago he was still living in the streets, fighting for his food, hunting when available, hiding from the cold nights under the cars and just trying to survive (he lost half his tail just by surviving) but now his live changed forever and we are proud to have play a big part in that. And in all fairness the star of the show is Opal because it’s hard to believe how incredibly sweet he is and how much he’s been through. No matter what he’s Always giving little headbumps, asking for cuddles, a never ending purring machine.

21/1/22 sweet Opal was adopted by Isabel and her boyfriend Maurice and we couldn’t be any happier for the 3 of them. From street life to sweet life! Because he deserved nothing less ❤️.


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