Little stunner was found with her sister under a car in the streets of Cordoba (Spain). Because of this she had a burn mark made by a hot car motor (she’s healed and hair grew slowly back). Dasher and sister Vixen were very underweight and scared, Unfortunately her sister didn’t make it even though we took her to the vet and tried our best. Now Dasher is vet checked, all her shots and felv/fiv test are done and ready to find a wonderful home. She is very social, LOVES attention and cuddles. She’s a perfect little girl

For Dasher we are looking for a home were:

There’s a friendly cat or dog (or both) who is not super high energy. Dasher likes to snuggle and play softly, she’s very lady-like and doesn’t like a tom-boy energy of a cat who’s going to jump on her face, she’s very small and a siamese to the T, always looking for a cat to lay next to and cuddle with and that’s why another pet in the house is a must.

She loves people and she’s always looking for attention to get pampered.

Updated info: Dasher and Blitzen were adopted together on 2022’s Valentine’s Day by Sanne & Tom and now they live in Arnhem. We already got an update hours after of the kittens playing and having fun in the new home. They will have the most wonderful life with the most wonderful people. Can’t be any happier for all of you guys 🙂 wishing you nothing but the best!


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