Oh sweet Maga…to say I love her would be an understatement…to say she’s the sweetest, kindest hearted kitten would just fall short.
To those who don’t know who she is, I rescued Maga in Murcia (Spain) after a woman asked for desperate help with her (no shelter would take her in and this person had dogs who didn’t accept cats). Maga was supposed blind, found in a highway thrown like an old sock who’s fallen out of a car, She couldn’t fend for herself, she had very swollen eyes so she couldn’t see, couldn’t eat, drink and who found her couldn’t/wouldn’t want to keep her. I stepped in because special needs cats (well all cats) have a special place in my heart. This is what I do, I rescue and give 2nd chances to the ones in most need and find the best homes for them so.
after covering Maga’s trips to the vet (to make her travel ready) her foster went on a Holliday and left her with a friend (who didn’t take care of her) and the cat in that house scratched her eye making it infected, huge and painful so we had to go and do surgery to remove it.
Finally after a lot of hustle trying to give her the best attention posible being so far away (the Netherlands) Maga was travel ready, vet checked and her surgery was done and healed. Last Thursday she made it to us in Holland so we could find her forever home and we are already having tons of fun with this little one (who btw is not blind! I noticed that the remaining eye still sees about 70% and I made it my priority to try to save it). Let me tell you that whoever gets to call Maga their own will be the luckiest person/family in the world. She is only and nothing less than a tsunami of love and cuddles and if she makes her new fam half as happy as she makes us then my work is done.
For now Maga, Welcome to the first days of the rest of a wonderful life.

Maga would love to be adopted out with Chloe but it’s not a must. However there should be a friendly cat/s in the house. All our cats are INDOORS ONLY

Updated info 11/11/21 Maga and parter in crime Miss Chloe left to their forever home with new adopters Joni and Jorn. We wish them all the luck and happiness in the world


2 thoughts on “Maga

  1. Hi, we’re a couple from Haarlem looking for a cat. Could you give us some more information about Maga? She looks incredibly sweet!
    We hope to hear from you soon.
    You can reach us on 0641722166 or 0614519535 or via email.



    1. Hi, Maga can be adopted only if there’s another cat in the house and should be an ONLY INDOOR CAT. Are you aware she’s missing an eye and the other one sees 75%? If so please fill in the adoption questionnaire in the “get involved” section and we will contact you. Have a good day!


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