No cat left behind

Maga is a beautiful Siamese kitten that was abandoned in the streets of Murcia (Spain). Because of this she got very sick and lost her sight due to a horrible eye infection. We couldn’t even imagine the pain she must have gone through being homeless, not being able to find food, water and wondering the streets without being able to see, exposed to cars and feral cats and dogs.This little girl was found in the middle of a very busy road all curled up looking like an old sock that felt from a car, super skinny and in very rough shape. Luckily good Samaritan stopped the car and picked her up and took her home but she couldn’t keep her and no shelter would take her in as no one wanted to take care of the expensive medical bills this kitten would face in order to get adopted. When we heard about her we knew we couldn’t turn our backs on Maga (mainly because we have a blind cat and we know how amazing blind cats are). Blind cats are wonderful pets, they are survivors, the thrive like no other, they are incredibly smart and they don’t even know they are blind so they manage a safe home like any other seeing cat.After we took the responsibility of getting her healthy and bringing her to The Netherlands days went by and we sent Maga’s foster mom money to pay her bills, take her to the vet and start treatment for her eyes. The treatment started to work and her eyes got better and we realised there was hope for Maga to see at least shapes and shadows. Things were going very smoothly, we did an FIV/Felv test (which was negative), she got her rabies vaccine, the triple vaccine and wormers. We were super happy to see her doing SO AMAZING but unfortunately things took a turn for the worst. Her foster left Mags with a friend for the weekend and that friend’s cat scratched her eye, damaging the cornea and it got really swollen. The worst part is that this person did nothing to help her, Maga’s eye got infected and now she was facing eye surgery to have that eye removed. The positive is that one of her eyes was still getting better and better and we have high hopes for it but the other one really needed to come out and fast as she’s was in pain. The bills for Maga keep piling up and we couldn’t keep track anymore. But thanks to the support of previous adopters and IG followers we raised the money she so desperately needed.If you’ve been following us since the beginning you know we never asked for donations and every loss we took it from our own pockets but we just couldn’t keep up helping all these medical emergency kittens without the support of our wonderful IG community.Maga has been through so much already (and she’s barely 2 and a half months) that we really couldn’t bail her like everybody else did. She deserves the best of homes because she is just the best kitten, she loves belly rubs and cuddles, she loves cats and dogs (she’s just the purrfect kitten), She loves everyone and everything and we want to show her that even though people did her wrong, there’s still hope for an incredible life ahead.Now Maga got her surgery and she’s traveling to the Netherlands October 3rd (2021). We are super excited to finally meet her and find the best of owners for her. We couldn’t thank enough everyone who was involved in her rescue, surgery bills and support because we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Maga before surgery

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