Liam was the baby of a wild feral cat we rescue in Heeswijk-Dinther. She had 3 kittens and we let her raised her at home with us in a private room just for her and her babies. Everything went perfectly well, she was not warming up to us but she took great care of her little ones so we never pushed her to have forced interaction. Once the kittens turned 10 weeks she killed 2 of the babies and Liam was the only survivors. We immediately castrated the mom and returned her to the woods area she was living in before. Liam after this episode felt alone and claimed Atticus as his new brother and that´s why we don´t want to separate them now. They are super bonded together, they are wonderful loving kittens and they both deserve a great home after a rough start…
If you are interested in adopting them please fill in the form in the “get involved” section of our website.

16/9/20 Wonderful Liam was adopted with Atticus and now they live in Amsterdam with amazing pawrents were they’ll have all the love an attention they deserve


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