Sweet Poppy came from a filthy cold garage (she was being kept with her brother Moss). When they arrived home we could see she had a little eye infection (that got solved in 2 days) and both were terrified of people. After some delicious meals and a lot of TLC Poppy fast became a purring machine and now she can´t get enough cuddles. The are very people oriented and they love sitting on your lap and being the center of attention.
For this beautiful girl and her brother Moss we are looking for a home were they can go together and enjoy life to the fullest. If you are interested please fill in the form in the “get involved” section.

Updated info: 25/6/20 With incredible pain in my heart I have to announce that our beloved Poppy (on the right) had cross the 🌈 bridge. It’s been 9 years since a kitten I rescued passed away so it’s very hard for me to process this very unexpected part. Poppy suddenly stoped eating 2 days ago so we rushed her to the clinic immediately were we found out she had very high fever; She got 2 shots and micro doses of medication (because of her size) but she spent the night very poorly back home. Today morning we rushed to the clinic again and with all efforts done we had no choice but to let her go…we put a collar around her neck and we wrote a little letter so she can take with her and remember how much loved she was and we promised to keep her brother Moss and protect him until old and wrinkled. Poppy was one of my favourite babies and she knew it, she always got an extra cuddle in bed and so many ridiculous amounts of kisses so I’m at peace I gave her my everything. We are all puzzled with her fast departure and we have no clue what happened but I blame the home breeders for letting these kittens be born and for keeping them in such horrific conditions. It’s hard to always have to clean other peoples mess because when there’s no cure it pains us deeply but if I knew she was not going to make it since I rescued her I would have still done everything the same way because I enjoyed having her every minute we spent together. You’ll be never forgotten Poppy. We love you dearly ♥️


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