Maki and Yuzu (siblings) are 2 adorable kittens that lost their mother very young, they used to live inside a dark garage of a farm house and the minute we brought them home they never left the sun that comes from the windows . Now we´ll nurse them back to strong so they can get their first vaccination and we are looking for her a home where they can go together.
Yuzu has the a very funky and fun personality, she´s healthy and loves to play with you, be picked up and play with her brother and other kittens. Maki and Yuzu are very social and will become wonderful new members to any family and single adopter.
Updated info: 18/7/20 Yuzu and her brother Maki were adopted by a wonderful couple that will give them tons of love and a wonderful life in Amsterdam. We wish them the best to the 4 of them!!


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