Clementine is sister to Bryar and Juniper. These sweet little siblings were one of the many kittens sold online. The people who bough them realized that having kittens was a responsibility they didn´t want to assume so they gave them up. Fortunately for us their loss is our gain and now they will find a wonderful home were they will get all the attention and love they deserve.
Clementine has a wonderful personality: she´s very confident and loves to play with her siblings Juniper and Bryar (they are definitely the three musketeers) and she also loves people´s company. She would play with everyone and everything making her a wonderful and fun kitten.
Updated info: 11/7/20 Clementine & sister Juniper parted from our home to live in Utrecht with their wonderful adopter Luisa. We wish them all the best life in the world!


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