I saw some pictures advertised in a dutch trading goods website of some kittens in pretty bad shape. As we couldn’t find a car fast enough to take us there, our friend Monica offered to pick them up!. She drove all the way to Dalfsen and found an animal trader that kept this kittens with several caged animals inside a simple, small and crowded wooden shed. There was a bucket filled with kittens and because we couldn’t bring them all she took 3 females (the ones I pointed that in the picture looked the worst).
All of them were emaciated, skinny I could feel their ribs and extremely tiny. They were around 3 weeks old and Lulu was significantly smaller than the other Mia and Olivia (who were also ridiculously small even for their age).
Now It´s been 1 month and a half since the girls made it home to us and I couldn’t be more proud of them, they are the most adorable little creatures on earth! They love being cuddled and pampered, spoiled and tickled, and there’s never enough treats for them!
Lulu, is the most special kitten ever. She is a fighter and she never gave up being the smallest and the one is worst shape when she got here, she overcame everything and now she´s strong and she has a big round belly. Plus, she and her sisters love being together and they have so much fun here.
Updated info 5/1/2020: Lulu and Olivia were adopted together by a wonderful couple ( Elisabeth & Serdar) and moved to Amsterdam were they´ll have all the love, cuddles and treats they can take 🙂 . They were the last sisters to go home so today we end the 2019 season with 56 wonderful babies rescued and happily rehomed. It can´t get better than this and we coulnd´t be more proud of our amazing little fluff balls.

The 2nd week after Lulu arrived home

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