Valentin was spotted on the road with a big black cat and because it´s farm land in Groenekan there was no possible owner in km. A farmer started feeding them but they still had nowhere to go and no shelter from the rain and the cold dutch nights so we asked him to keep feeding them until we got there. Now Valentin is safe and warm so the next step is for this gorgeous kitty to get all his vaccinations and microchip so he can start looking for a good forever home were he can go with a friend from here or to were there is already a friendly pet.
This baby has a wonderful personality. He purrs a lot and he loves to give kisses while you rub his belly. Now, he is just meeting the new kittens he will live with here and like everything that is new, Valentin is a bit shy with them. As from today we will start socializing him with the group because a social cat is always way happier than a loner. We are 100% sure he is going to be a great sidekick to just any other pet. Valentin is just a wonderful, wonderful and gorgeous kitten.
Updated info: 7/12/2019 Our lovely Valentin was adopted today by Vika and her boyfriend and now she lives in Haarlem with our other rescue Chloe 🙂


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