Lobo is a cute tiny black boy who comes from a farm 130 km from Amsterdam. We took him in because no one would want him or his brother Ollie and they were sleeping on the open countryside without shelter. Now both babies are getting healthy and almost ready to be adopted.
Lobo and Ollie are super attached and they always have their back. Also they do absolutely everything together and that´s the main reason we want them to find a home together. Both have the most wonderful personality: love to be picked up, hold, rocked like babies with their bellies up, love purring, love being kissed. There´s not enough words for me to explain how amazing these 2 brothers are!
-Updated info 6/12/19 : Lobo & Ollie were adopted by Lauren & Bart who waited so long for them as they were out the country. Now the wait is over and they all moved together. It´s sad to see them go, they are the most amazing kittens and because of this is that we are so happy for them and we wish them nothing but the best.


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