Little baby Bali is one of the many advertisements I find online selling illegal kittens. This poor little kitten was given away (all his siblings have left already) with only 5 weeks of age.
There are a lot of people who will purchase these kind of tiny kittens because they think is cute to “play house” with them but they have no idea how hard it is to raise a healthy kitten. Specially if they come from this places were health is never a priority or directly inexistent so I knew I had to take him before someone else did. This little boy was living confined to a metal rabbit cage in very unsanitary conditions, stepping and sleeping in his own feces inside a not isolated barn during the cold days and autumn nights of The Netherlands. He was only allowed to go out to eat. Luckily Jonathan & Yonca went to pick up him up and brought him to us.
Bali was covered in fleas, infested with parasites and his feet were matted and stuffed with chicken stools from being in that cage and his eyes were teary because of a cold he caught. He spent a good week and a half with severe diarrhea which I managed from the minute 0 and now he´s still recovering. He lost a lot of weight and but hopefully he´s on the right track. Bali in hands of someone without veterinary or foster care experience would have been very compromised so I´m happy we got there on time.


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