We rescued Pipper and Pepper from a Dutch kitten factory. The cats in the house looked in bad shape, the environment unsanitary and we discovered cats and kittens were inbred (when you breed daughter with father or mother with son) and line-bred (when you breed siblings). We had to pay a ridiculous amount of money for them to give us the kittens and we only agreed to this because we knew we couldn´t stop them. Kittens that were not sold stayed there and were bred again and again so we decided to change the future of these 2 little girls that arrived home screaming and shaking like leafs.
Pipper and Pepper are gorgeous and they turned out being very social, and cuddly. They love to purr and they absolutely love to play. We are giving them away together because they are attached to the bone. Whatever Pepper do Pipper does too. If one eats the other follows, if one drinks the other licks the bowl too, they even go to the cat litter together (true story).
These sisters love to give kisses on the cheeks and they also love laying on your lap and shoulders like little parrots purring and purring away : )

28/9/2019 Updated info: Sister “P” (Pepper & Pipper) were adopted by Rossane and will move to Amsterdam. We feel lucky to have found such a wonderful and loving adopter for these 2 little ladies who are simply the most amazing kittens. We wish them the best and hope to see them grow together for years to come!


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