I can´t save them all but I can try

Lately we had some unexpected new guests in our refuge. I’m always checking online kittens advertisements because I often see people hoarding and reproducing animals in bad to terrible conditions. These places turn from homes to “kitten mills” or “kitten farms” were most the times babies and their moms are being held in cages or in small rooms, seasonly giving birth. These cats are not vaccinated, nor dewormed and they are always sold with health issues. I know I can’t save them all but I will always try so that’s why I keep a close eye on these posts. It´s sad how people just think of the profit they can make cheap-ing in food quality and 0 veterinary assistance; They don’t care how miserable these animals are and some of them don’t make it alive out from those places. 
Unfortunately we came across with 2 cases of neglect in less than 3 weeks. The first one was the rescue of Sister´s “P” (Pepper & Pipper). Those girls were bred in a house in very poor conditions. Trashed furniture, dark & dirty small rooms with a lot of cats. Their owners were keeping the “not sold” ones so every season the cats that stayed will randomly breed with each other resulting in a never ending birth situation that brought the house from normal to cluttered. We couldn’t take all of them because they were asking for a lot of money so we decided to take the females and change their future forever. Pepper and Pipper went from being in a completely toxic environment to now being vaccinated, healthy normal kittens who learnt how to play and just be happy with nothing to worry about.
The 2nd rescue is a bit more bittersweet…
I came across another advertising with terribly looking pictures of a house with rotten indoor floors, rugged furniture and animal dirt all over the place. Just from the pictures you could see sick looking kittens being bred in closed doors. The location was 3:15 hours by public transport (one way) so because we don’t have a car it was impossible for us to make it. Luckily for those kittens, I was talking to one of our previous adopters Yonca (@hazel.rosiee) and she offered to drive with her boyfriend Jonathan (Jonathan.buijs) and bring them to us. The sad part of the story is that the owner of these babies is not really mentally stable and her mind goes on and off a lot resulting in her coming with excuses for us to pick them up later than sooner and one of little gingers died before volunteers could get a hold of her.
When Yonca and Jonathan went into the house they saw the kittens with their mom and another cat inside a room than stank of cat urine, so strong that affected their eyes. 9 cats with 1 litter box filled with faces, destroyed and soak in pee cat beds and torn apart cat toys. Like from a horror movie kind of scene.
When I saw the kittens for the first time I could clearly tell they were terrified of people, they were shaking and trying to hide from me and in a closer look I smelled they were all covered in dried pee and it was so strong I couldn’t let them stay like that for a minute longer (so they were in for a long warm bath).
Our mission now is to take good care of the ones that we actually took out from that hell house; they are currently in quarantine and we are doing everything in our power to bring them back to being “normal” kittens so from now on we will spoil, cuddle them and give all the necessary vaccines and treats to see them blossom and grow strong.
The wonderful part of this story is being able to have such kind people around us who helped us help these little kittens we named Rosie, Maple & Ivy. We feel so blessed that this happened because for us the fact that this amazing couple donated their time & care means more than any other kind of donation. Without them we wouldn’t have rescued them. Thank You!!!


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