This little black kitten was rescued in Athens from a garbage bag in the street searching for food. Maria, who rescues kittens with us took him in and now we have him save in The Netherlands were he´s still searching but for a new home with his love Asia. He is stunning gorgeous but he´s very shy and it´s hard to pet because he rather do he´s own thing. He adores Asia and they are inseparable so we are looking for a home with someone that has experience with cats and that is willing to give him and her time to blossom. We are sure that is a home environment he will open up.
He is friendly with other cats. Don´t know how he is with dogs. He can´t be an outdoor cat so a safe home/appartment were he can´t climb out is mandatory.
Updated info: 1/12/2019 Soho and Asia were adopted together by Tim. We wish them a ton of happiness and we thank him for opening his heart to these wonderful kittens that really needed a warm loving home.


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