Asia is very gentle but still very shy so we are working to change that.
This beautiful girl was rescued in Greece by Maria (our foster care taker in Athens) from inside a car engine. Once she could get a hold of her she was taken home, vaccinated, chipped and after some time she flew to The Netherlands were she has been taken care by us.
She has a stunning looking face and loves to play with her kitten mates. She´s slowly approaching us but she is still a work in progress. Asia and soho are always together and they love to cuddle and play with each other so we want them to move out together. We are sure that when they will be in a home environment they will open up and they will be amazing pets but for now they like to do their own thing and play with one another.
We are looking for someone thar can give this wonderful couple a 2nd chance and that has cat experience.
Both Asia and soho are good with cats and we don´t know about dogs. They are absolutely not aggressive, just shy.
Updated info: 1/12/2019 Soho and Asia were adopted together by Tim. We wish them a ton of happiness and we thank him for opening his heart to these wonderful kittens that really needed a warm loving home.


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