It´s all about team work

Lately we’ve been very focused in flying kittens from Athens (Greece) to The Netherlands. In a month we managed to fly already 13 kittens and take them into our care (which is crazy! but necessary). We realised how collapsed and a bit hopeless rescues and adoptions are there so we decided to help. Through a friend of a friend, of a friend and so on…we met Maria L. Let me tell you a little bit about her: she’s completely crazy like us and she will never give her back to a kitten in need (or a pigeon, or a bat (true story) hahah) and that’s why we love her so!. We could never do this on our own without having created this amazing network of people around the world that need help with their rescues and also help us to do what we do and that´s to save so many defenceless abandoned kittens. So I guess this little article is not about us or the kittens but it´s about thanking everyone that is part of our team in different countries like Spain (Yoly, Hilda, my aunt Grace, our local vet Manuel), Greece (Maria, Sophia and local vet Maria as well), Argentina (Claudia, local vet Fabiana), US (Mirjam), Uk (Sarah French) just to name a few and also all the volunteers that helped us fly so many kittens!. We couldn’t do any of this without you and let me say how proud I am for everyone’s efforts. Thank you all for teaming up and making this rescues possible! 


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