Going RAW: Yay or Nay?

There’s always controversy between veterinarians and owners that want to go RAW. In my opinion the best is to keep good balance between RAW and dry food (as over processed packed food most the times have elevated salt content and poor water levels (3-11%)).

It is extremely important to keep a high quality control if you go RAW because there’s risk of bacterial contamination and nutritional deficiency. But if you made up your mind and want to go FULLY RAW on your pets diet you need to know that making it yourself is expensive and time consuming plus you need to strike a good balance of ingredients, vitamins, minerals and sanitary conditions. What they need for a healthy diet:
-Protein (meat, fish (I also use processed bugs))
-Fatty acids (like salmon oil)

Because at home I have your rescue kittens and young adults that were found in very poor shape and unhealthy conditions to me is very important to boost and improve their immune system so I use for their diet Vitamin B complex, L-Lysine, Psyllium & Taurine as a must in every meal and when they get dry food a high protein one.
Raw ingredients for 1 meal that feeds 7 cats (I repeat this process 3 times a day from scratch):
-75 g Raw turkey (no bone, no skin), 90 g beef (no bone no organs), 75 g wild tuna (with skin)
-1/8 cup water
-1 egg (use raw yolks only 1 time a day)
-1/2 g wild salmon oil
-5 drops vitamin B-complex (start with a smaller amount when beginning a -raw meat diet; the vitamin has a strong odour)
-1 g taurine, powdered
-Liver (add 1 oz if the meat you are using does not include organs)
-1/4 tea spoon Psyllium (add when first introducing the raw meat diet)
-1/4 tsp L-Lysine powdered
-1/4 tsp processed bugs

-Mix the vitamins and minerals with the egg and water until uniform and then add it to the raw meat


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