It is kitten season and I still can’t wrap my mind around home breeders looking to make a profit by making their cat/s have multiple litters of kittens for a profit.
Spring just started and I already see and hear about so many amateur breeders using their cats because of their own greed. There are forums online asking for male cats in heat at any cost, even if they don´t have a passport with the corresponding vaccines or FIV/FIP/Leukemia blood tests done. What the hell???!!. These tini tiny new borns are separated from their mothers always way before the reasonable time, so many don´t really eat on their own and they never receive the nutrition they should before or after being born (because there´s no profit in giving them or the mother a high quality food) and also they hardly ever receive any vaccinations or sanitary plan for the same reason. I´m really horrified by these people because they put their own cat´s life at risk by making them give birth endless times to maybe sick kittens from unknown male donors when there are SO MANY kittens at killing stations, perreras and locals shelters that DESPERATELY need a home. Some of them have a ticking clock and will be put to sleep depending on the legislations of the country or state. So PLEASE BE SMART, don´t give money to the people that make us have to rescue because of their luck of responsibility, help any rescue fight these people and give a loving home to an adult cat or baby that really needs you. Not only you will change his life but you might also save it.


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