Name: Mokka
Born: December 2018
Sex: Female
Sterilised: No
Race: European semi longhair
Can go with dogs: Yes
Can go with cats: Yes
Can go with kids: Yes, if older then 12 Years old (only because she’s teething and she might bite playing)
Can go outside: Only if we think it’s a safe garden/terrace/balcony
From: @catrescuediaries. Rescued in Madrid, Spain now in The Netherlands.
Adoption fee: €200. Includes EU passport, vaccines, microchip, dewormer, transport.

Mokka is a very sweet little ball of fur. I rescued her from the streets of Madrid. I flew her home back to Amsterdam the same day. She had EVERYTHING!! fungal infection, eye infection, respiratory infection and she was skinny as a scarecrow. From being 1 K she put on 500gr in just a week. Now she just finished her antibiotics and she’s ready to fin her forever home here in The Netherlands. She’s very sweet and has the energy of a torpedo. She’s very active and loves to be in company of people and other animals. She lives with 4 cats and a dog and she’s very happy here but we know there’s a family out there that would be very blessed to have her.

You can come visit her in Amsterdam 🙂