Chai is a very sweet kitten. Her twin sister Raven has been adopted and now we are looking for her to get as lucky as she did. They were both rescued by us in Argentina from a favela. We were told they had a brother that unfortunately was killed by a dog a couple of days before we got there.
Chai used to be on the shy side (well…very on the shy side) but we worked with her and now she sleeps and cuddles in bed with us. After seeing how much she seeks for human contact and enjoys being pampered we knew she was ready to find her forever home. She can go with other cats but also wouldn´t mind being the lap cat of someone that is a stay home person.
If she´s going to be in a house with people that have long working hours then there should be another gentle cat in the house. She can also be an only indoor cat and if there´s an outdoor in the house it should be safe enough for her not to go out as she is a great jumper. Anybody will be very lucky to have this little girl of ours.


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