Rescuing kittens in Argentina

It´s been a very hectic couple of days since we got here. Being able to rescue kittens from extreme poverty and death threatening situations takes a lot of time, resources and effort. We thought we were going to go back to The Netherlands with 1, then 4 and now we ended up rescuing 6 very lucky kittens. Unfortunately we can´t save them all…
This 2 girls had another sibling that (unlucky him) was killed 3 days before we arrived. This sort of situations happen all the time and this is why we do what we do and It only give us more strength to push harder, go further in our rescues and save more kittens. Even if we never got to meet their brother we don´t want to forget him and celebrate now that her sister are safe and will have a warm loving home when we land back in Amsterdam.


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