Name: Miltos
Born: 2012
Sex: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Race: Ginger/White, European shorthair
Can go with dogs: Don’t know
Can go with cats: Yes
Can go with kids: Yes
Can go outside: Yes or can be an only indoor cat as well
From: “Kini street cats” Syros, Greece
Adoption fee: €170. Includes EU passport, vaccines, microchip, dewormer, castration and transport.

One eye Miltos is a very sweet cat, and loves to cuddle and his never afraid to ask for a belly rub. He also is friendly with other cats, and could live comfortably with either male or female cats, as long as they are good-natured and in a small group. Miltos could also go to a quite home as an only cat primarily indoors but an outdoor space to explore would be nice.


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