Socializing Mokka

Between the ages of 4 and 16 weeks your cat is most receptive to stimulation so it´s imperative that your kitten can have a variety of new experiences to ensure the right foundation has been laid. Everything he might learn during this time will stick with him throughout life and you want him grow up to be sociable and self-confident.
For the past 2 weeks we had little Mokka (our latest foster) and we make sure she gets lots of love from us and enough time to play and relate with our home cats daily. Not to our surprise we already see how fast she grows by copying from them how they play, jump, use the litter box, clean after each other and even how to approach us (humans). She learned how to be a lap cat and ask for cuddles in bed just because our cats are all around us and now she follows Nic and I everywhere we go like a little happy puppy.
There is no better teacher than a stable cat to teach a kitten how to be one.

So if you are looking to adopt a kitten first make sure he comes from a stimulating environment. Having stable confident mates to relate to is crucial in this early stages and this will be of great influence to his personality. Kittens who aren’t handled or are handled very little before they are 16 weeks old are much more difficult to socialise later on. And remember that exposing your cat to varied experiences, people and teaching him to do different and new things throughout his life will help keep his brain flexible. Exposing him to multiple people in a healthy calm way is a great way to ensure your cat will grow up to become a beautiful social adult.