Meet Mokka

Today I flew from Amsterdam (The, Netherlands) to Madrid. I’ve been told 2 days ago there was a little kitten that was very sick and was probably not going to make it in the streets. Anthony (a good samaritan) took her in until I got there. As soon as I grabbed her I realised I could feel all her bones in the rib and coccyx area. She also had very bad congested nose (with difficulties to breath), eyes and some hair loss.

From Anthony’s I drove straight to a local vet who saved both of us because not only she needed a medical exam but also I needed him to approve her to fly all the way back to Amsterdam with me that night. Thankfully mission accomplished!! He also vaccinate her and gave the antibiotics for her congested nose and ayes. We had her tested her for FIV and leukemia ( with negative results) and we think that in about 2 weeks she will be hopefully ready to find her forever home.
Little Mokka today enjoys playing in a sunny room with tons of toys, warm beds and blankets and all the carton she can scratch. She is very energetic, playful and also loves to lay on our laps.

For those interested in adopting her, don’t be shy! come visit her! we know there’s a family out there that will be very happy to have her 🙂