Vicky (R.I.P)

Name: Vicky
Born: 2013
Sex: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Race: Tabby, European longhair
Can go with dogs: No
Can go with cats: No
Can go with kids: Older than 12
Can go outside: Mainly indoor with a balcony or a safe garden were she can´t climb out.
From: Syros, Greece
Adoption fee: €170. Includes EU passport, vaccines, microchip, dewormer, castration and transport.

Vicky is a very sweet cat. She´s been at the shelter since she was a kitten. She doesn´t really enojoy being with other cats and we have too many cats in Syros so it´s time for her to get out and get some pets from her new owners at her forever home. She would be great as a only indoor cat and it would be nice but not mandatory a little balcony were she can´t get out.
Would you like to give her a warm coach in The Netherlands? Contact us or fill in the form on our website. ——> Today April 15th we heard Vicky was hit by a car. This is terrible sad news for us and for the people in Syros. We deeply feel for Vicky and will not forget her. I wish she would have found a home before this happened but I will make sure many more will be rescue to honour her. Fly high Sweet Vicky


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